Bonfire releases xDB Peek (Part 2)

In part 1, I told you what and why we xDB Peek exists. Now let's break down what the info is and something I am adding soon.

Bonfire releases xDB Peek (Part 2)

In part 1, I told you what and why we xDB Peek exists. Now let's break down what the info is and something I am adding soon.


The contact tab is all the data related to the contact itself in xConnect.


The identifiers list is all the identifiers that have been assigned to you, and all your merged accounts.

  • Source: "emailaddress",
  • Identifier: "",
  • IdentifierType: 1,
  • IsValid: true


This is if the contact has been identified by an identifier other than the 2 out of the box Sitecore identifiers. This would be when you run the IdentifyAs(source, identifier) function on the users tracker. Or assign a new Identifier to the user through a direct xConnect connection.


This is the available facets for you to use when talking to xConnect. Think of the facets list as a list of all the facets that xConnect knows about.


The ConcurrencyToken is a GUID that Sitecore uses to sign all your facets. When you ask for a facet from xConnect and it exists. The facet will have a ConcurrencyToken set. This is the Guid it will use. If you pass the facet back to xConnect in a save action, and the tokens don't match. Sitecore will throw an error of "Facet already exist" since the facet is there and it is not allowed to write a new one. The ConcurrencyToken is different for each object.


The last time this contact was changed


This is the contact Id for the contact. This is the main identifier for this contact. This is the ID you will see in the url for Experience Profile. It is NOT the contact ID you will see in the tracker for contact ID. But it is the ID you will see in the Contacts table, in your shard databases.

Visit Data

This is all the interaction info for the current visit. This is not the contact as much as it is the current web visit for the contact.


The information about the identified browser.



The ID of the channel you are currently assigned to on this visit. This can change based on how you got to the site.


The ID of the device you are identified as. This is not a device like iPhone X (unless you have created that ID in Sitecore). This is the device Sitecore item that the current visit is assigned to.


This is the geo data that Sitecore has identified from the Geo IP service if you have it turned on. NOTE: Its free in Sitecore 9.x. Turn it on.

  "BusinessName":"Frontier Communications",
  "Isp":"Frontier Communications",


Whether the user has Geo IP data from the Geo IP service.


This ID of this particular web visit.


The IP of the user. This is currently Hexed. I need to hex decode it.


This is the key words that have been assigned to this interaction (still a little unclear on this)


The current language this web visit assigned.


The screen size info that the device has given to Sitecore for identification. This is not the actual browser size, but the size Sitecore "thinks" it is. By what the browser passes to Sitecore in the request.



The Sitecore site that this interaction has been identified as. This is the Sitecore list of sites from the <sites> node.


This is a list of all the pages during this web visit. It does not include pages from a past interaction.

  "Title":"visitordetails (0.00s)",


This is for goals that have been triggered by this user is web visits or any out of channel visit like from a device.

  "Title":"2nd Visit",


The score for the goal. This is the value you have assigned to the goal to give the contact EV points.


This is the current title of the goal in Sitecore


The date/time the goal was triggered. This is UTC


If this goal is a past or current goal. This is a bit of duplication since the goals are in post or current containers now.


The event data assigned to the goal when it was triggered.


A list of all the goals that have been triggered during this web visit. This is really important to know that Sitecore can personalize on current (visit) and past (visitor) goals. Meaning did this person trigger this goal in this session vs did this person EVER trigger this goal.


A list of all goals that were triggered before this visit. It does NOT include goals triggered from this visit. Those are in CurrentGoals. After this visit is closed, CurrentGoals will become PastGoals.

Engagement Plans



This is a list of all the facets available in the contact. Remember the ExpandOptions from the Contact tab. All the facets listed in the ExpandOptions object are attempted to be loaded. If the facet is not null, it is loaded into this tab.



This is a list of your current and past profile / pattern cards that the current session has been assigned to. The true way to say it is that the user has been "scored" into a pattern card. It takes scoring of pages against a profile for the user to be placed in a pattern card.


  "ProfileName":"Member Journey",



  "ProfileName":"Member Journey",