Sitecore MVP 2017

When I first started working on Sitecore in 2009 I loved it right away. It had all these building blocks that allowed me to do whatever I wanted. One of the few times in my development life, the software wasn't the limiting factor. It was my imagination that was.

So I jumped in with both feet and started learning all that I could. I read blog posts, wrote code and tested. Some of the code was garbage, but some was building blocks for the future. But all along the way it was those blog articles, Stack Overflow posts and then Slack that kept me going and learning. It was the posts from the Sitecore MVPs that gave me a roadmap on how to do Sitecore right. New ideas to think about.

I am truly honored to be one of those MVPs now. I know there are developers who are just now getting started with Sitecore. Or vested developers who are stuck on an issue I once stayed up until 4AM fixing. I will support them, as the MVPs before me supported me. There is no community better than the Sitecore community and its why the software and company is so successful.

Here is to a successful 2017. Cheers.