Sitecore Azure Toolkit 1.1 Release

Sitecore has announced the release of Sitecore Azure Toolkit 1.1. This release brings a few updates. One of them being very important, for customers who have a requirement of being on Azure using PaaS. The 1.1 release brings compatibility of Web Forms for Marketers 8.2 update 3.

This is very important because before this update, you could not run WFFM on Azure unless you configured Azure for IaaS. This also mean that you site must be up to the 8.2 U3 level. Keep that in mind if you want to be on Azure.

What we are still missing is the update to Sitecore/Azure that will support EXM in PaaS. I hope that arrives soon. That would make Azure PaaS fully function from a marketing standpoint.

Download 1.1 Toolkit Here
Download the ARM templates Here
Download WFFM 8.2U3 Here