Bonfire Profile Information API

Bonfire Profile Information API

The focus here at Bonfire is on Digital Marketing, the Sitecore XP and all things customer journey. In that work, I often find myself wanting to know how my current test user, or real user, is tracking.

  • What are my profile scores?
  • Have I entered any patterns?
  • Do I have any GeoIP info?
  • Did my login trigger the right facets?
  • Is my user assigned to an engagement plan?
  • What is my EV?
  • Have I triggered any goals?

The original Sitecore Launch site had a wonderful slide out window that showed some information on the current user. I took that idea and pushed it as far as I found useful, and in a JSON API.

In the Bonfire.Analytics.Dto repository, I have published the code for the API that I have been using:

With this code, you can use the API to see your user's journey when in development, or when debugging analytics in real time. The information presented via the API is only for the current user.

The code is currently only for Sitecore 8.1.151003. But I will post updates for 8.0 and 8.2. XP is a moving target, as the code for Analytics undergoes major changes from version to version.